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January 29, 2006


Mary Anne Davis

Thank you for your mention of my post this morning about Making a Living as an Artist. I have been wrestling with this "problem" for many years and believe I am on a path, lit by former artists and radicals from the beginning of time. Great art IS transformative. If an artist sells out, or is a hack, that be will revealed in the long run, by history. The best, most influential art of our time will only be known as such through the lens of time, so the immediate path is foggy, at best. I disagree that a memoir is not a work of art, because a thoughtful, honest memoir, like a self-portrait, can ellucidate a depth of being that is art. Thank you for being in this conversation with me. I look forward to wrestling these thoughts with you in the future. regards- Mary Anne


Mary Anne, great to meet you. Thank you for the offline info and links. And of course you are right about memoirs. Why shouldn't the best of them be called art...just because some of them have that "truthiness" quality shouldn't disqualify the genre as a whole.

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