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November 16, 2005


johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Bingo Betsy! The only way RSS is going to work is if we don’t know its there.

RSS needs to be 100% invisible. RSS needs to be baked inside every program on everyone’s computer. RSS must be seamless to reach the masses.

We shouldn’t have to use an add-on program and copy/paste geeky code to use it. It has to be simpler. RSS has to be just like many other computer applications of being super easy to use, we don’t even know we are using it.

Juilette Williams

Re RSS Smackdown, must admit been everywhere on the web reading about HOW TO ... RSS and you know what its gobbly gook to me, even after reading HOW TO in 8 different places. Linked through to Seth Godin and read it, and it filtered through, clear succinct and to the point. Great stuff, finally someone speaking the rest of the world language.

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